Karen Norris

Karen Norris, Principal

Karen Norris is nationally recognized in the grants community as a consultant and Subject Matter Expert (SME) for Kanoco Consulting - a Karen Norris Company in Gaithersburg, MD. 

Previously, she worked for educational institutions in Maryland, as managing editor at a national publishing house, and currently as a consultant. Norris has served on Boards of Directors of professional associations. She presents at state and national conferences, and provided testimony to the Maryland General Assembly and the U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Federal Financial Management about grants. She has also served as a federal reviewer. 





“I’m impressed and grateful that Karen Norris combed through the presidential memoranda for memos applicable to grants!”

“Very good speaker and one of the better presentations this week.” 

“Great research. I knew a little, now know a lot."

“Excellent materials and very informative. Good information.”

“I really enjoyed learning the key terms as well as the various, previously vetted websites with accurate data.”

“The links to resources alone were worth the price of admission. Very effective commentary.”

“Easily one of the two best presentations I attended. Tons of useful info in a short time.



“The speaker was well-qualified and informative.”

“The information was well-presented.”

“This session should be presented again next year.”

“This session met my expectations. I would attend another session by this presenter.”

“Karen Norris is one of our highly rated instructors.”

"Karen Norris was extremely knowledgeable and provided many practical examples. She could explain issues from many perspectives and recommended resources, methods of evaluating issues and tools for best practices. She was excellent!”



  “The entire presentation was very useful in the grants world and beyond.”

“Examples were given besides the text on the PowerPoint. Anytime songs are sung from Sesame Street is a bonus!”

“The information was given in a very concise and informative manner.”

“I appreciated Karen’s humor and quick delivery of the subject matter.”

“Ms. Norris was enthusiastic about the information she was presenting which keeps one engaged in the webinar.”

“Tons of information on grant-seeking.”

“Repeat this webinar. It was good and I would like to hear Karen Norris again.”